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We are specialists in the treatment and care of your sight.

Sight is the most important human sense, as we take in as much as 80% of all information with it.It is therefore necessary to protect your sight from deteriorating due to the negative effects of the external and working environment, such as sunshine, the TV, PCs and so on. Furthermore, the risk of eye disease increases with age, especially the degeneration of macules and cataracts as we get old.

In the last 20 years, we have developed highly effective ways of treating and preventing all major problems with sight.

We have combined these observations with our expertise and professionalism and can offer you a reliable and accessible solution to problems with your sight. We offer you a healthier vision of the world.


  • Eye drops more than 30 kinds of eye drops for the treatment of a broad range of eye diseases.
  • Medical devices intended for micro-surgical operations of the eye and medical devices for treating dry eye syndrome.
  • Nutritional supplements intended for daily care of your sight.